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Anti-cancer Specialist "Selenium"

date: 2013-12-11
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Anti-cancer Specialist "Selenium"

       The World Health Organization (WHO) surveys that sub-healthy people account for one-third of the world's population and half of China's population. Cancer, a nasty disease, is becoming younger and younger, and more and more people hate to die because they don't care and miss the best treatment.

The root cause of some problems is the irregularity of people's daily life and the lack of trace elements necessary for human body. Over time, these problems have become more and more serious. In addition to calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, there are many trace elements in human body. Among them, selenium, known as "anti-cancer expert", is one of the indispensable trace elements in human body.

In 1973, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) declared that selenium (Se) is a necessary trace element in human life. Se is honored as the "spark of life" by the medical circles at home and abroad, and enjoys the reputation of "longevity element", "king of anticancer", "patron saint of heart" and "natural antidote".

In 1997, the American Medical Journal reported that selenium supplementation could reduce cancer mortality by half.

In 2003, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) confirmed that selenium is an anticancer agent. Selenium can prevent and fight cancer, inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and promote their apoptosis, and effectively reduce the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is the official medical statement of the U.S. government on selenium anti-cancer. In China, the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of selenium have been written into the textbook Chemistry of Junior 3 (the second volume of Grade 9), which clarifies that selenium has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects on human body.

Next, we will talk about the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect of baby fish.    


     The doll fish is rich in selenium, which is an anti-cancer factor. The doll fish is rich in calcium, zinc, selenium and other mineral elements, especially selenium. The doll fish meat contains 300 micrograms of selenium, which has reached the selenium-rich standard (0.20-2.00 ug/g). Selenium can bind specifically to cancer cells in vivo and inhibit the growth of cancer cells, so that cancer cells can not spread. Combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it can effectively treat cancer. In addition, selenium can also activate the regeneration ability of human tissue cells, which can quickly compensate for the normal cells killed by chemotherapy and other treatment methods, so as to achieve the effect of adjuvant treatment of cancer. Diet therapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation of cancer patients. It has a long history in our country to use diet to prevent and treat diseases. Diet therapy is more important for cancer patients. It is not only conducive to alleviating the clinical symptoms of cancer patients, but also conducive to the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Because cancer itself is a consumptive disease, combined with severe injury of vital energy in operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy often cause gastrointestinal reactions such as anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, which seriously affect the absorption and utilization of nutrition, make the nutrition of patients lower than the body's needs, and cause the body to lose weight and weakness, and reduce the disease resistance. The proportion of protein and amino acid composition of doll fish meat is basically the same as that of human beings. The high-quality protein of doll fish can be fully absorbed and utilized by human body after it is decomposed into amino acid, and will not accumulate in the body. The decomposed amino acid can be used to synthesize various proteins needed by human body, such as immunoglobulin and collagen, to serve our immune system and health. Help humans to prevent various diseases. Therefore, diet therapy plays a very important role in the rehabilitation of patients.

Amino acid content of doll fish is very high

        Amino acid is the most basic substance of protein for animal nutrition, which can be called the cornerstone of the building of life. There are 17 kinds of amino acids in the meat protein of baby fish, of which 8 are essential amino acids for human body. The total amount of amino acids is up to 91.29%. Baby fish is rich in protein, amino acid, fatty acid, trace element, vitamin and more than 50 kinds of active substances which are beneficial to human body. It is one of the most abundant and comprehensive species containing amino acid.

Components in cartilage of doll fish inhibit metastasis of cancer cells

       The bones of juvenile fish are similar to sharks. They are cartilage, rich in calcium and phosphorus, and a certain amount of vitamin D. They can bind with carcinogens in vivo, remove their harmful effects, soften cancer cells, inhibit cancer cell metastasis, and make human body produce anti-cancer factors, so as to achieve the purpose of cancer prevention and anti-cancer.

Extractable superantigen PRCA from juvenile fish

        Relevant literatures reported that PRCA, a superantigen extracted from the body of doll fish, was called "apoptotic response factor inducing cancer cells" by WHO. At present, dozens of targeted clinical applications have been obtained. Data show that it can kill cancer cells and inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. It can activate human body to produce anti-cancer factors, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

The white blood cells and red blood cells of a laryngeal cancer patient who received three times of chemotherapy before eating giant salamander (salamander) were reduced to 2.5 *109/L. Before taking the salamander one week later, the patient's white blood cells were detected and the results were amazing when the patient's white blood cells were instantly restored to 7.5 *109/L-10 *109/L. In order to have more clinical data to prove the potent anti-cancer and adjuvant anti-cancer effect of eating baby fish, we consulted with major hospitals in Hangzhou to cooperate with clinical experiments of cancer patients. The data of more than one hundred cases further proved that eating baby fish can promote DNA biosynthesis of cells, enhance immunity and enhance disease resistance.

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